Why I stopped bothering

Been meaning to write this for a while, perhaps not the eight or so months since my last post, but here we are.

It’s not one thing that hit me and I just stopped, more a build up of things and then one big thing to finish me off.

First was my total fucking despair at the prices, the quality and over all marketing bullshit behind so so many bottles, the new distillery every five minutes, the super special releases, Jesus, there are NFTs now, it’s embarrassing, and I was so bored of it all, so the posts had become less and less frequent.

Second up was my gradual turning away from drinking any alcohol, I still occasionally enjoy a dram but I’ve got more whisky that I will ever drink, the idea of buying more to review just became too much and the stuff I do buy is obscure indie bottles that no one ever cares to read about anyway.

And finally was the tipping point, my health, I had turned into a twenty six stone mountain of ill health and no matter how many body positive people told me I was okay the constant tiredness and pain told me otherwise, I’m now about seven stone lighter and ten inches around the waist smaller and a lot happier and healthier for it and one of things that needed to go was about fifty percent or more of my alcohol intake, this was for several reasons, I calorie count and have a limit per day what I can take on, when I do drink I also snack and drinking made me not want to go to the gym the next morning and the gym is where I’d rather be than pretty much anywhere.

So that’s it then, I’ve started to write about my weight loss journey and I’ll include whisky posts on there and Instagram which I prefer to here, but I can’t see myself going back to writing about whisky any more than the odd post here and there.

Peace out, and stop buying rubbish whisky.

The Captain.

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